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I have created a user control in SharePoint that will show Site Data based on the URL chosen in a drop down list. Currently, it dynamically links to the site collection, so that it can populate the drop down list with the Site Name and Url. So far I have it showing the relative site url, user alerts, permissions, lists/libraries with different permissions and there permissions. If anyone wants to modify the code feel free. I am not sure how much time I will be spending on this item.

If you have any comments or questions e-mail me at

Version 2.0***
I changed the user control to a TreeView, instead of a table. It looks a lot cleaner. I used a bit of grouping.

How to Implement this Web User Control:
Install the Smart Part: and follow all the instructions.
Copy the Web User Control for SiteDataReports.ascx into the usercontrol directory for the site collection that you want to see reports.
Add an instance of the SMARTPart Web Part to a page on the top level site and choose the SiteDataReports Web User Control from the Drop Down List.

How to User the Web User Control:
Choose a Site From the Drop Down List
Click on the Site you want to receive a report for and click Submit

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